Sunday, February 8 2:00 PM - Sunday, February 8 4:00 PM

Flowerball was created by a group of fishing buddies 3 years ago while fishing on Lake Flower when the fish were not biting.

It is a blend of curling and shuffle board using a bowling ball.  The bowling ball is not thrown. it is pushed and always has to stay in contact with the ice.  There are 5 areas to score in one the 35' court. 1 to 4 point lines and a 5 point concave hole. The game is to 21. It can be played by 2 people or teams of 2.

The game can be over in 10 min.

We will have 2 courts made so there will be time to learn and play for both kids and adults.  This is a new event for Winter Carnival. If you would like to learn how to play or watch, we will be ready at 2p.m. Sunday

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2016-09-06 - Members of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee are seeking volunteers to help them plan and facilitate the next 10-day festival, set for February 3-12, 2017.
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