Theme for 2020 is 'Myths and Legends!'
The carnival is on January 31-February 9, 2020!

2019 Winter Carnival Archbishop

Mike Navarra
2019 Court Mike Navarra
photo by Sue Rice

 Mike Navarra - Originally from Williamstown, New Jersey and Deltona, Florida, Michael Navarra has spent nearly half of his life in the Tri-Lakes. After graduating from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, with a degree in Organizational Communication, in 1998 he and his future wife Carla Bowman, of Lake Placid, moved back to the area. They married in 2001 and started their family in 2006. Their son, Markus Navarra is currently a student in Saranac Lake Middle School. Michael has held a number of positions ranging from insurance sales to carpentry. He has coached volleyball at the junior varsity, varsity and collegiate level. He currently works in construction and coaches the Red Storm JV and Varsity Volleyball teams. The varsity team’s back-to-back sectional championships, 2017 and 2018, attest to Michael’s commitment to the success of this great group of student athletes. Michael has served as a volunteer for the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Snowflake Volleyball Competition, helped with Ironman Lake Placid, marathons in the region and Village Clean-up. Additionally, Michael has successfully operated the Dreadhead Soccer Camp which has provided hundreds of local and international students with the opportunity to play, compete and hone their soccer skills in a safe environment for 20 years. One of Michael’s favorite events is to participate in Winter Carnival. Michael has not only participated in the parade, he has helped construct several floats over the years. He feels the celebration is as unique as the town it is held in. He is honored to be asked to participate as the Archbishop in this years Winter Carnival Celebration.

2019 Royal Court
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2020 Carnival Theme is 'Myths and Legends'
2019-04-23 - Members of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee and the public who attended the committee meeting on April 23 have chosen 'Myths and Legends' as the theme for the 2020 Carnival.
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