Theme for 2020 is 'Myths and Legends!'
The carnival is on January 31-February 9, 2020!
Main Street Saranac Lake
2014 Court AugustineDuguay
Adirondack Bank Church Street
2014 Carnival Court Kevin Duguay
2014 Chamberlain Kathy Latour
2011 Kiddie Parade
Test Photo
Old float
Rotary Variety Show dancing
Innertube girl
Ultimate Frizbee
Kiddie Parade
New Winter Carnival logo
2014 Carnival Court Kennedy Snyder
Melty Ice
Ice Palace Fun Run
2013 Winter Carnival Committee
2013 Winter Carnival Committee
Fry Pan Toss
Innertube Race start 1
2014 Carnival Court Archbishop Jennifer Moore
Ice Tree
King and Queen
King Lee Foster at Ice Palace
Snow Shoe Softball
Innertube Race start 3
2014 Court Archbisop Chamberlain
Button 2012
Spike of Ice Icicle Contest
Adirondack Bank Main Street
Harrietstown Town Hall
Innertube Races 1
2014 Winter Carnival Committee
2011 Gala Parade
2014 Court MartinFisher
Dirty Ice
Family Fun
2011 fireworks
Youth Skating Races
Adirondack Bank, Main Street, Saranac Lake
2014 Carnival Court Dustin Fisher
Winter Carnival Headquarters
2014 Carnival Court CJ Williams
PSC Woodsmans Exhibition
2014 Carnival Court Maggie Darrah
Pond Hockey
2012 Gala Parade
Adirondack Bank parade
2014 Court BranchWilliams
Buttons full set
Snow Rugby
Gala Parade
Weather Channel
2014 Carnival Court Will Lanthier
Innertube Races start 4
2011 Kiddie Parade
Innertube Races
Kiddie Parade
2014 Court DarrahCluckey
Cold Water
2013 Castle Close
Computer typing
Fun Run
Historic 1939 Ice Saw
2014 Carnival Court Lance Ackerson
2014 Carnival Court Margaret Augustine
Snow Shoe Races
Icebound Buoy
Directions to Saranac Lake
Visit Saranac Lake
Gala Parade
2013 opening fireworks
2014 Carnival Court David Clucky
Youth X-Country Ski Races
2012 Gala Parade
2014 Carnival Court Kelsie Glinski
2014 Carnival Court Jillian Martin
2011 Kiddie Parade
2014 Carnival Court
Firemans Broomball
2014 Carnival Court Nerma Cecunjanin
Frisbee dive
Adult X-Country
2014 Court CecunjaninLanthier
Test Photo Of Day
2014 Court GlinskiAckerson
2014 Carnival Court Kiely Branch
Snowing at Ice Palace
2014 Carnival Court Jacob Heverly
Snowflake Volley Ball
White Stag skier
Ice Ice Ice
2014 Court SnyderHeverly
Ice Palace vendor
Mayors Snowball
Gala Parade
Sara the Snowy Owl parade
Coronation photography
Innertube Race start 2
Media interview
Recent Info/News
2020 Carnival Theme is 'Myths and Legends'
2019-04-23 - Members of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee and the public who attended the committee meeting on April 23 have chosen 'Myths and Legends' as the theme for the 2020 Carnival.
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