Theme for 2020 is 'Myths and Legends!'
The carnival is on January 31-February 9, 2020!
Treasure Quest1
POD 1-19A
Gala Parade
King Branch and Queen Metz
2014 Castle
POD 2-10C
POD 2-2D
Taylor Gallery Pic
POD 2-8A
POD 2-8
Castle Photo 2014
POD 2-5B
POD 1-26A
Chess Peices
Petrova Carnival
POD 1-19D
POD 2-9B
POD 1-18G
POD 2-8B
White Stag Skiing2
POD 1-30D
Full set of buttons
POD 1-29C
Gala Parade
POD 1-26B
Gala Parade
Photo 1-25
POD 1-30A
POD 2-2F
Ice Palace sawing
2014 poster full
POD 1-29A
First Niagra Bank
POD 2-2E
POD 2-8G
Ice Palace first cut
Torch Light Skiing
POD 2-2A
POD 2-7E
Community Bank Logo
White Stag Races
POD 1-26E
Community Bank
2014 CharactersB
POD 1-18C
Treasure Quest2
POD 2-10D
POD 2-8C
pages feature
Arctic Golf
POD 1-30
Ice Palace Blocks
I Love NY Lgo
Gala Parade
2014 CharactersC
Gala Parade
POD 1-25C
Gala Parde
POD 2-2D
2014 CharactersA
POD 2-8H
POD 2-9D
Chess Man Board
Ice Palace 1-17-14
Spike of Ice 2
Chess Tournament
POD 1-29
POD 2-4A
POD 1-30C
Ice Palace buckets
POD 1-25A
POD 2-9C
POD 1-18D
POD 2-8D
POD 1-22B
Chess Man
Queen Metz
Prince and Princess
ADK Bank Gallery Pic
Ice Palace pond
White Stag Skiing1
Gala Parade
Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce
Blue Line Brewery
POD 2-10B
POD 1-26C
POD 1-26D
Winter Carnival medals
POD 2-8F
POD 2-5A
Grand Marshal Dinner
Gala Parade
POD 2-9A
POD 2-8E
Curling Exhibition2
Poster and Button
Cape Air photo
POD 2-10A
POD 1-25D
POD 2-6
Prince Robert Francis Jacob Pearson
POD 1-18E
2014 button
Ursula Trudeau feature
POD 2-10F
Chess Men
Lake Champlain Pools, Spas and Stoves
Womens Civic Chamber Gallery Pic
POD 2-5
POD 1-26
POD 1-18B
Curling Exhibition1
NBT Gallery Photo
Gala Parade
POD 1-18-14
Kiddie Parade 2012
Gala Parade
POD 1-19B
POD 1-22A
POD 1-25B
POD 1-19E
prince feature
POD 2-2
POD 1-30B
POD 1-18F
Princess Briana Muñoz
Ultimate Frisbee
Gala Parade
Ice Palace measuring
Grand Marshal Ursula Trudeau
POD 1-29B
Community Bank
Photo 1-25 small
POD 1-19C
Empire State Games logo
Trudeau Award
King Jeff Branch
Ice Palace cutting
Test Photo
2014 Committee
Guide Boat Realty photo
POD 2-4
POD 2-2B
Closing fireworks 2
2014 Castle Close
POD 2-2C
Recent Info/News
2020 Carnival Theme is 'Myths and Legends'
2019-04-23 - Members of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee and the public who attended the committee meeting on April 23 have chosen 'Myths and Legends' as the theme for the 2020 Carnival.
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