Congratulations to Merle Smith of Saranac Lake for being the winner of the 2021 Winter Carnival Poster signed by Gary Trudeau!
We'll see you next year!
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Full set of buttons
2014 Castle
Ice Palace 1-17-14
2014 CharactersC
Community Bank
POD 2-10C
Ultimate Frisbee
POD 2-8B
POD 2-5B
Lake Champlain Pools, Spas and Stoves
POD 2-5A
POD 2-2D
pages feature
POD 2-10F
Gala Parde
Treasure Quest1
Womens Civic Chamber Gallery Pic
POD 1-18C
Petrova Carnival
POD 1-30A
Prince Robert Francis Jacob Pearson
Ice Palace buckets
Test Photo
White Stag Races
Gala Parade
Spike of Ice 2
2014 Committee
POD 1-25C
POD 1-18E
POD 2-9B
POD 2-2B
Chess Man
POD 1-29
POD 2-2A
POD 2-4A
Trudeau Award
POD 1-25A
POD 1-22B
Curling Exhibition2
POD 1-26
Gala Parade
POD 2-2D
POD 2-4
White Stag Skiing1
King Branch and Queen Metz
POD 2-6
2014 CharactersA
POD 1-30
Arctic Golf
POD 2-8
POD 1-18-14
POD 2-7E
POD 2-2E
POD 1-19E
2014 poster full
POD 1-19D
Gala Parade
POD 1-19B
POD 2-8H
POD 1-25B
Chess Peices
POD 2-2C
POD 1-29B
Gala Parade
POD 2-8C
POD 2-5
POD 2-10D
Photo 1-25
Gala Parade
POD 1-18F
POD 1-19C
Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce
POD 1-18D
POD 2-9A
Cape Air photo
POD 2-9C
POD 1-26E
Ice Palace measuring
POD 2-8E
Princess Briana Muñoz
POD 1-26A
Blue Line Brewery
POD 2-10B
POD 2-8G
Gala Parade
POD 1-30D
Gala Parade
2014 CharactersB
Taylor Gallery Pic
Gala Parade
POD 2-8A
Empire State Games logo
Kiddie Parade 2012
Closing fireworks 2
Community Bank
Ice Palace Blocks
POD 1-26D
Gala Parade
Community Bank Logo
POD 1-30B
POD 1-22A
Queen Metz
Prince and Princess
Ice Palace pond
POD 1-18B
Castle Photo 2014
Poster and Button
Curling Exhibition1
Chess Man Board
Chess Men
2014 button
POD 1-19A
First Niagra Bank
Gala Parade
POD 2-2F
POD 1-25D
Ice Palace first cut
Treasure Quest2
POD 1-29A
prince feature
Winter Carnival medals
Ice Palace sawing
POD 2-8F
POD 1-18G
Ursula Trudeau feature
Torch Light Skiing
Photo 1-25 small
POD 1-26C
Chess Tournament
Grand Marshal Dinner
POD 1-29C
2014 Castle Close
POD 1-26B
POD 1-30C
King Jeff Branch
POD 2-10A
NBT Gallery Photo
POD 2-8D
Guide Boat Realty photo
ADK Bank Gallery Pic
Grand Marshal Ursula Trudeau
POD 2-2
Ice Palace cutting
POD 2-9D
White Stag Skiing2
Recent Info/News
2021 Carnival Theme is 'Mask-erade'
2020-09-15 - Members of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee, and members of the public who attended the committee meeting on September 15, have chosen ‘Mask-erade' as the theme for the 2021 Carnival.
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