Congratulations to Merle Smith of Saranac Lake for being the winner of the 2021 Winter Carnival Poster signed by Gary Trudeau!
We'll see you next year!
1 POD 2-14-15I
1 POD 2-12-15a
2015 Court Ethan Sawyer
Sponsors Curtis Lumber 2015
1POD 2-2b
1POD 2-7-15c
2015 Button and Poster
2016 Court Caitrin Bodman
2016 Court Carley Sawyer
1 POD 2-14-15C
2016 Court Archbishop Brad Varner
1 POD 2-12-15b
2015 King Steve and Queen Linda
2015 Court Killian Ryan
2016 Court Justin Farmer
2015 Court Linda Brosseau
1POD 1-28a
1POD 1-25c
2016 Court
1POD 1-29a
2016 Court Evan Hill
2016 Court Macy Fisher
1POD 1-24
2015 Princess
Photos of the Day
1 POD 2-15-15G
2016 Court Chamberlain Cecily Dramm
2016 Court Donald Duffy
1POD 2-7-15f
2016 Court Nathalie Munn
1 POD 2-14-15G
1 POD 2-7-15o
2015 Court Jacinda iggs
1 POD 2-15-15A
2015 Court Ty Marmion
1POD 2-7-15e
Winter Gala Parade
2015 Court Group
Robyn Johnson Carving Ice
1POD 1-25a
2016 Court Conner Celeste
1POD 2-7-15h
Photos of the Day
2015 Court Talia McDonough
2014 Winter Carnival Gala Parade
1POD 1-22
1POD 1-28
1POD 1-30c
Photos of the Day
1 POD 2-15-15C
1POD 2-7-15i
1POD 2-7-15g
1POD 1-25b
2016 Court Michael Cross
1 POD 2-14-15F
1POD 1-24c
2015 Button and Poster
1POD 1-20d
Sponsors Stewarts 2015
2015 Court Allycia Woodruff
Photos of the Day
1 POD 2-15-15H
Photos of the Day
2015 Court Jason Smith
2015 Court Gabe Woodward
1 POD 2-13-15A
Photos of the Day
2015 Queen Linda Jackson
2015 Katelyn Hewitt
2015 Court Anuj Prajapati
Photos of the Day
2016 Court Alexa Clark
Prince Foster
1 POD 2-7-15m
Sponsors Adirondack Bank 2015
Sponsors Can Am 2015
Sponsor Hotel Saranac 2015
1 POD 2-14-15D
2016 Court Michael Rice
1 POD 2-14-15H
2015 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Button
1 POD 2-15-15B
1POD 1-24b
2015 King Steve Racette
Photos of the Day
Lawn Chair Ladies 2014
1POD 2-2a
Sponsors Taylor Rental 2015
1POD 2-7-15d
2015 Grand Marshall Jack LaDuke
2014 Royalty Dinner2
1 POD 2-14-15B
2015 Spike of Ice Icicle Contest
2015 Pages
2016 Court Stevie Phelabaum
Raffle Items
1POD 1-29b
2015 Court Jeremiah Barge
1 POD 2-7-15n
IPW 2015
2015 Court Abbi Kirollos
2016 Court Chloe Peer
1POD 2-7-15k
2016 Court Michael Monroe
2015 Court Jack Martin
2015 Court Anna Mader
1 POD 2-15-15f
Sponsor Cape Air 2015
Photos of the Day
1POD 2-7-15
1 POD 2-14-15E
2015 Winter Carnival Committee
1 POD 2-7-15q
2015 Court Clair Bickford
Clearing the ice
Photos of the Day
Photos of the Day
1POD 1-24a
1 POD 2-7-15p
Photos of the Day
Sponsors Guide Boat Reality 2015
1 POD 2-7-15l
1POD 2-7-15j
1 POD 2-14-15A
Recent Info/News
2021 Carnival Theme is 'Mask-erade'
2020-09-15 - Members of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee, and members of the public who attended the committee meeting on September 15, have chosen ‘Mask-erade' as the theme for the 2021 Carnival.
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