Theme for 2020 is 'Myths and Legends!'
The carnival is on January 31-February 9, 2020!
1POD 1-20d
Clearing the ice
Photos of the Day
2016 Court Chloe Peer
1POD 2-7-15
2016 Court Archbishop Brad Varner
2016 Court Alexa Clark
2015 Princess
1POD 1-22
2014 Royalty Dinner2
Robyn Johnson Carving Ice
1POD 2-2b
Photos of the Day
1 POD 2-15-15B
1POD 2-2a
Sponsors Guide Boat Reality 2015
1 POD 2-14-15H
1POD 1-30c
2015 Court Anuj Prajapati
Sponsors Curtis Lumber 2015
2015 Button and Poster
Photos of the Day
Photos of the Day
2014 Winter Carnival Gala Parade
2016 Court Caitrin Bodman
2016 Court
Photos of the Day
1 POD 2-14-15F
2015 Court Anna Mader
2015 Court Allycia Woodruff
1 POD 2-13-15A
1POD 1-29b
Photos of the Day
1 POD 2-14-15C
Lawn Chair Ladies 2014
1POD 1-24a
2015 Pages
2016 Court Macy Fisher
2015 Button and Poster
2015 Court Talia McDonough
1POD 1-25a
2015 Court Jacinda iggs
Sponsors Can Am 2015
2015 Court Abbi Kirollos
1POD 1-24b
2015 Court Linda Brosseau
Photos of the Day
1POD 2-7-15h
1POD 2-7-15j
Raffle Items
1POD 1-24
1POD 2-7-15c
1POD 1-29a
1POD 2-7-15k
2015 Court Clair Bickford
2015 Court Ethan Sawyer
Sponsors Adirondack Bank 2015
Prince Foster
2015 Court Ty Marmion
1 POD 2-7-15m
1POD 1-28a
2016 Court Donald Duffy
1POD 2-7-15i
2015 Court Group
1POD 2-7-15e
2016 Court Justin Farmer
1 POD 2-14-15B
1 POD 2-7-15p
2015 King Steve and Queen Linda
1 POD 2-15-15H
2016 Court Michael Monroe
Sponsor Hotel Saranac 2015
Photos of the Day
1 POD 2-15-15C
2015 Katelyn Hewitt
Photos of the Day
1 POD 2-7-15n
2015 Grand Marshall Jack LaDuke
Winter Gala Parade
2016 Court Michael Rice
1 POD 2-12-15b
1 POD 2-14-15A
1 POD 2-7-15q
1 POD 2-7-15o
1 POD 2-14-15D
IPW 2015
1 POD 2-12-15a
1 POD 2-15-15A
2016 Court Chamberlain Cecily Dramm
2015 Court Jason Smith
1POD 1-25c
1 POD 2-14-15G
1POD 1-25b
2015 Court Jeremiah Barge
1 POD 2-15-15f
2015 King Steve Racette
Sponsors Stewarts 2015
2015 Spike of Ice Icicle Contest
1POD 2-7-15g
2016 Court Evan Hill
2015 Court Killian Ryan
Sponsor Cape Air 2015
1 POD 2-14-15E
2016 Court Carley Sawyer
1POD 2-7-15f
2015 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Button
1POD 1-24c
2016 Court Conner Celeste
1POD 1-28
Photos of the Day
Photos of the Day
2016 Court Michael Cross
2015 Winter Carnival Committee
2015 Court Gabe Woodward
1POD 2-7-15d
2016 Court Nathalie Munn
1 POD 2-7-15l
2015 Court Jack Martin
Photos of the Day
2016 Court Stevie Phelabaum
1 POD 2-15-15G
Sponsors Taylor Rental 2015
1 POD 2-14-15I
2015 Queen Linda Jackson
Recent Info/News
2020 Carnival Theme is 'Myths and Legends'
2019-04-23 - Members of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee and the public who attended the committee meeting on April 23 have chosen 'Myths and Legends' as the theme for the 2020 Carnival.
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