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Going Down in History!

A History of Past Grand Marshals and Awards
2018 Grand Marshal Dinner HS
photo by Mark Kurtz


Grand Marshal – To a long standing, community-minded individual who has contributed his or herself to the betterment of Saranac Lake or surrounding area.

2018: The Bevilacqua Family
2017: Barbara Rice
2016: Jimmy Law
2015: Jack LaDuke
2014: Ursula Trudeau
2013: Chris Covert
2012: Ron Keough
2011: Cathy Moore
2010: Don Duso
2009: Jerry Cavallo
2008: Tim Burpoe
2007: Gail Rogers Rice
2006: Les Parker
2005: 2nd B, 108thInfantry
2004: Natalie Leduc
2003: Howard Riley
2002: Jan H. Plumadore
2001: Henry Parnass
2000: Lillian Martha Hyde
1999: Ellsworth F. Fox
1998: Karl Griebsch
1997: Bernard Brown
1996: Punker Robertson
1995: Michael Ritchie
1994: Dr. Alfred M. Decker
1993: Donald Fina
1992: David W. Petty
1991: James Rogers III
1990: John Raymond
1989: Barbara Chapin
1988: John Delahant
1987: Gould Hoyt
1986: Roger Tubby
1985: Dr. Francis B Trudeau

Katie Morgan Fobare Service Award – To a business or organization who has gone above and beyond helping Saranac Lake Winter Carnival

2016: NYS Department of Corrections
2015: Womens Civic Chamber
2014: Ampersound
2013: Amanda's Village Motel
2012: Hyde Fuel and Sturdy Supply
2011: John and Buffie VanAnden
2008: Cheri Knapp
2007: Ed Scharmer
2006: Sue Muzzy
2005: ARC and Les Parker
2003: Village Workers
2002: Snap Shot Photo and Blue Moon Cafe
2001: Ted Morgan, WNBZ
2000: Kinneys
1996: Lee Foster and Stewart's Shop

THE TRUDEAU AWARD - To Individual(s) For Best Exemplifying the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Spirit

1984: Sue Dyer
1985: Garry Trudeau
1986: Don Duso
1987: Betty Dora
1988: Katee Morgan Fobare
1989: Keela & Jim Rodgers
1990: William Madden III
1991: David Niederbuhl
1992: Bobbie Damp
1993: Dick May
1994: Cherie Freeburg
1995: Donna Dora
1996: Ice Palace Workers
1997: Jacques DeMattos
1998: Mark Kurtz
1999: Martha Dougherty
2000: Dean Baker
2001: Tim Hesseltine
2002: Nancy Pankovcin
2003: Jeff Whisher
2004: Lee Foster
2005: Cass Becker & Evie Field
2006: Milt Adams
2007: Barbara Martin
2008: PSC Woodsmen
2009: Cherie Racette
2010: Dale Becker
2011: David Watts
2012: J. R. "Mr. DJ" Owens
2013: Cynthia Martino
2014: Caroleigh Meserole and Andy Flynn
2015: Jeff Dickson
2016: Slide Show Volunteers
2017: Edie Stanish
2018: Eric Foster

* If you are looking for the past Royalty you can go to the Royalty page

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