2020 Opening Fireworks
2020 Opening Fireworks
Mark Kurtz

The 2021 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival theme is "Mask-erade"!

In a Year like no Other- A Winter Carnival like no Other

We are Saranac Lake

 We wish to produce an event that 1 - Is first and foremost safe for all, 2 - Speaks to its years of heritage & history,

3 - Adds to the quality of life of the village as a community, & 4 - Breathes new hope and promotes happiness & well-being to its residents.


To do so we have pulled back. We have made concessions & compromises, to make Winter Carnival 2021 uniquely special.

 Winter Carnival 2021 will consist of only three events. These events will preserve the tradition & hometown celebrations of winters past.

It will speak to the history and heritage of Saranac Lake both past & present.

The 3 events of the 2021 Winter Carnival are:


1 - The Ice Palace

Constructed and carved in true carnival tradition of old.

The Palace will be constructed with no entry points or maze,

so as to not encourage social gathering. That being said,

 the Palace of 2021 is an outside viewing or drive by illuminated fortress.

 2 - Opening Fireworks

 Set to music and transmitted to your vehicles. There will be no standing in front of the Palace,

 as fireworks will be displayed all around the Palace’s perimeter. Fireworks are to be viewed safely within one’s family vehicle.

3 - Closing Fireworks

 Like opening fireworks, will once again be set to music to enjoy as a family unit in your vehicle.

Again, standing in front of palace will not be allowed.

 In paying tribute to the years of tradition at our closing fireworks. We shall as spectators remain in our vehicles and celebrate the conclusion of the 2021 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival with a special salute by the blowing of our horns for a few moments. This will be our way in this very special year of honoring all of those whom have participated in “The Storming of the Palace” in years past.

 It is our hope that all who attend will follow COVID guidelines. Social distancing and Mask up (after all it’s part of the theme).

Be prepared! Winter Carnival 2022 will make Saranac Lake PROUD!!!

Most photography on this site is produced by Mark Kurtz Photography, official photographer for the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival.
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2021 Carnival Theme is 'Mask-erade'
2020-09-15 - Members of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee, and members of the public who attended the committee meeting on September 15, have chosen ‘Mask-erade' as the theme for the 2021 Carnival.
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